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Inter-System Multi-Order PIM Testing System

basic information
Product description
Inter-System Multi-Order PIM Testing System

Nowadays the network environment is more and more complicated, there’re various standards of the signals co-exist in the network optimization system, the consequence is inter-system PIM interference. 

The inter-system multi-order PIM testing system is to realize the inter-system PIM testing of passive components; it gives an effective method to evaluate the inter-system PIM performance of passive components, to
ensure and improve network connection of the indoor wireless distribution system.


Product Features


  • Testing frequency 700MHz-2700MHz.
  • Support the system self & inter-system PIM testing including
    700Band, CDMA800, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900,
    TD-SCDMA2000, WCDMA2100, LTE2600, TDF, TDD,
    system PIM is less than -168dBc@2*43dBm.
  • Switch matrix allows free combination and auto switching,
    testing ports meeting system linkage requirements.
  • Visualized linkage route graph, automatic software execution.
  • Support test database upload.
  • All equipment support network communication.


PIM Testing Schematics


NTPIM-0727S Inter-System Multi-Order PIM Testing System Specifications
1. Wideband active power amplifiers model number & applicable telecom standards:
Model No. Telecom Standard Tx Freq. Linear Output Power
NTPIM-0710 CDMA/AMPS/GSM/EGSM 728-960MHz 20-46dBm Variable
NTPIM-1822 DSC 1800/PCS 1900/UMTS-FDD/TD-SCDMA A or F 1805-2170MHz 20-46dBm Variable
NTPIM-2327 TD-D/LTE2600 2300-2700MHz 20-46dBm Variable


2. Passive equipment model number & applicable telecom standards:
Model No. Tx Freq. Rx Freq.
NTPIM-900A 925-960MHz 880-915MHz
NTPIM-1800A 1805-1880MHz 1710-1785MHz
NTPIM-900/900-TDF 925-960MHz 1885-1915MHz
NTPIM-900/1800-900 925-1880MHz 880-915MHz
NTPIM-1800/TDF-1800 1805-1915MHz 1710-1735MHz
NTPIM-1800/TDA-TDE 1805-2025MHz 2320-2370MHz
NTPIM-TDF/TDA-1800 1805-2025MHz 1710-1735MHz
NTPIM-TDA/TDE-1800 2010-2400MHz 1710-1735MHz
NTPIM-TDA/TDD-900 2010-2635MHz 880-915MHz
NTPIM-TDE/TDD-1800 2300-2635MHz 1710-1735MHz
NTPIM-TDE/TDD-TDF 2300-2635MHz 1885-1915MHz
NTPIM-TDE/TDD-TDA 2300-2635MHz 2010-2025MHz


3. Switch matrix model number & applicable telecom standards:
Model No. Tx Freq.
NTSPDT-1×3 DC-4000MHz
NTSPDT-3×1 DC-4000MHz
NTSPDT-3×36 DC-4000MHz


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