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RFLIGHT dressed up to participate the Mobile World Congress Americas

2018/09/15 15:56
The Mobile World Congress Americas was held from September 12th~14th at Los Angeles, organized by Global System for Mobile Communications(GSMA) and Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). 
This exhibition mainly focused on the mobile internet innovation, smart wearable product, VR, games, automatic driving, antennas and related applications, etc. In the over more than 20 years, the CTIA has organized the previous US Wireless Communications Exhibition. The exhibition focuses on the mobile internet and wireless communication, leads the development trends of the mobile intelligent terminals, Internet, and wireless communications, has attracted the providers and customers of the communication related industries from all the world.
RFLIGHT took part in the exhibition (booth No.:W.626.) and presented our latest communication testing system solutions  including PIM test system, Solid-state power amplifier, channel simulating system, 5G massive MIMO testing system and OTA testing system, etc. With the advanced and innovative exhibits, RFLIGHT booth attracted the attention and consultation of many professional audiences.